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2 months later

The human body really is quite amazing. On the 14th August I started to exercise again. My weight had ballooned to 92kg, I was smoking and was plain out of shape. Yet, 2 months later here I am almost unrecognisable. 2" off the waist and with 30,000 calories burned, and 1,300 km cycled in just 31 workouts.
Will be having a pop at the ToSH tomorrow ... don't expect to complete it but will be good to see how I get on.

FIA - Why not just give Ferrari the title each year?

Ferrari international assistance strikes again.
So Massa fails to yield to Bourdais re-joining the race, despite the Frenchman staying within the white line, they collide and OF COURSE Bourdais picks up the penalty not the Ferrari man.

FTP - 230w

I got round to doing my FTP test today on the Computrainer, following the protocol from Training and Racing with a Power Meter. CP5 came in at 280w compared to 283 as experienced on the road and CP20 came in at 242w.

Which means my FTP is about 230w. Data point 1 collected, just need to keep doing these tests. Man, they really hurt!!

FTP Test tonight

Man I hate them ... this seemed apt

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