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Atkins review - not for cyclists!

So I thought I would wait a few days before posting my reflections. In that time I have returned to eating carbs, but in moderation. No longer drink caffeine and don't take sugar. I have regained nearly ALL the weight I "lost". I assume this is a mixture of fat fain, but is largely glycogen and water since the weight gain is so unbelievably rapid (literally in 2 days or so).

I've had a couple of blowouts for my birthday; afternoon tea at the Savoy and a Haagen Daas ice cream yesterday for my birthday. I have been good otherwise.

I won't be doing Atkins again, but here is an attempt to give a balanced review:

Postives Negatives Breaking my caffeine and sugar addiction was akin to giving up smoking I supercharged my weight loss losing 4kg in 3 weeks. 88.7 to 84.7kg. More alert, slept better and needed less, more positive outlook and self esteem No hunger pangs, cravings for food largely disappeared Eating Bacon and Eggs every day was cool Started to …