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Showing posts from November, 2006
Weigh-In Monday Weight: 81.7kg Body fat: 19.0% TBW: 54%. Is this a perfect week? I've lost nearly 1% body fat and replaced it with muscle. It shows too. Lots of cross training this week with a couple of 10k runs including some bitchin' hills. Of course the turbo is still the mainstay, getting those miles in.
302.4 is the magic number According to this page a 75kg rider climbing the Alpe D'Huez (13.84km at average of 10%) in 60 minutes at a speed of 3.84m/s the rider will need a sustained power output of 302.4 watts. Given my max power output calculation from my Cyclefit fitness test in October was 334 this is a big deal. And then this page calculates the magic number at 350 watts. Maybe I need to go there and have a trial run. Needless to say the dramatic increase in my sustained power output is helping to focus my turbo sessions, I'm getting stronger but I'm under no illusions to the scale of the task I have taken on, and yes its only November. I picked up a CTS train right DVD recently too. More painfull turbo time. I noticed you can download training "podcasts" from the CTS web-site too, looks interesting ... Oh yeah, and I also thought this ibike was interesting, since we are on the topic of power. Need to see if it flies, cause the Powertap and SRM sol
Weigh-In Saturday Weight: 81.7kg. Body Fat: 19.9% . TBW: 53.3%. Finally broke through 20% body fat, yay! Man its been a good week on the turbo and I am definitely getting stronger and thinner. Big jump from last week is almost certainly due to being uber-strict with diet, plenty of hard work and a massive all-nighter meeting a work deadline. I'm convinced occasional sleep deprivation (<2-3hrs sleep in 24 hours) is a good thing to keep the body on its toes. I know that habitual sleep deprivation is strongly linked with obescity, lepin production etc. I'm talking about getting 8 hours of sleep habitually and throwing in the occasional all nighter, perhaps once a month or less. It certainly seems to always give my body a bit of a kick, I always do a hard workout the day after not sleeping (1-2hrs of medium to high intensity) which practically guarantees a kick-start in weight-loss. I suspect its a similar effect to exercising early in the morning ... but I'm no physiol
Weigh-In Monday Weight: 83.0kg. Body fat: 20.7%. TBW: 53.3%. Actually this is a bit of a result as I've had a drunken night out this week and besides a 70km ride in the hills and a couple of sessions on the turbo I've been pretty lazy. Actually family life has taken over this week more than anything. Still, its a marathon not a sprint.
Weigh-In Monday Weight: 83.3kg. Bodyfat: 20.9%. TBW: 53.8%. Looks like I've hit a plateau, some serious variation is due this week anyway with some high-intensity intervals.
DISASTER STRIKES! Not only have I lost the chest strap to my beloved HAC4 cycle computer , but the TANITA scales have given up the ghost this weekend. So, I can't record my HR zones as I train and I can't track my weight loss. Hell, the HAC4 is one of my favourite gadgets, I used my own software to import data into my training log software . So I spent Saturday trying to decide what to do about my cycle computer, given the HAC4 is discontinued and getting a belt is quite a challenge (I wish you could 'watch' on ebay for stuff being listed). I narrowed it down to the Garmin Edge 305 versus the Polar S725X . The Garmin came out top for ease of use and innovation with the mapping software like memory map . But when it came down to it I'm looking for a cycle and run heart rate monitor not a GPS tool. The Garmin has limited battery life and limited data capture according to most reviews I've read, so I bought the Polar and am waiting for it to arrive. I went for t