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GoldenCheetah Download Stats

I recently looked into the number of times the release binaries for GoldenCheetah were being downloaded. Until we shifted to hosting at Github it has been tricky to find out. But we can now get stats going back to 3.0SP2.

It is clear that v3.1 is very popular, but v3.2 has only been out for 3 months and downloads are running at about 250 per day at present. The numbers below for all releases change, I find it surprising that 1 or 2 people will download 3.0 every day (!)

I wish there was a way we could estimate the number of real users from these stats...

Release Builds (via
v3.0-SP2: 26,865
v3.1: 73,875
v3.2: 15,619

Development Builds (via forum announcements)
v3.2-RC1X: 146
v3.3-DEV9: 67