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Weekly Weigh-In

Weight: 85.4kg (-0.5kg)
Weekly Distance: 208km (+50km)
Peak 5 Min Power: 292
Peak 20 Min Power: 247
Peak 60 Min Power: 225 (NP 245)
Highlight of this week: FTP test
Goal for next week: Food intake

As previously posted, did an FTP test this week. Reckon I could have gone a touch harder. Going to do a MAP test soon anyway and start basing my zones from that, since it isn't so susceptible to poor pacing etc. Its a test to exhaustion.

Weight didn't fall off much this week, this is partly to be expected and partly due to a few blowouts this week :-) Gotta improve on that score as it gets increasingly harder to lose the flab. But, TBH, I'm still in the 20% ballpark so its not THAT difficult.

Almost hit 1,000 miles since getting back in the saddle too...


Everyone's favourite workout, the FTP test. Started in two minds as to whether to do SST or a full on FTP test, the truth is this was pretty much an FTP test but could have gone a smidge harder.

Best hour: AP 225 NP 245

Over a rolling 40km course with 1000ft of climbing.

I'll stick with 235 for now, not so much an estimate as pretty much a fact (I know AP is king, but over that course its hard to do iso power). My peak 20 min is 250w which would also equate to a 235w FTP.

And if anyone tells me to do my FTP tests on the turbo they can go hang :-)

Weekly Weigh-In

Weight: 85.9kg (-1.1kg) Weekly Distance: 157km (-23km) Peak 5 Min Power: 292 Peak 20 Min Power: 247 Peak 60 Min Power: Untested (Estimate at 230 from CP Curve and NP from SST ride)  Highlight of this week: Lungs aching! Goal for next week: Stick with Quality not Quantity.
I cannot believe I only rode 3 times this week; on Monday a couple of hours in the hills, targetting vo2max, on Thursday threshold and neurmuscular intervals targetting LT and Sunday 3 hours of hills targetting CV again. As a result 5 min power is edging up but other intervals didn't really get tested this week.
Next week is more of the same. CV and LT are serions limiters and JRA aint gonna sort that out.


I have missed the old forums. They were closed a while back amidst 'controversy' which ended up really being the good Prof and a couple of helpers utterly misunderstanding t'internet forum culture and activism in general.

Anyway, the reason for the post is I have now found the replacement forum, setup by many of the old members and mods at and joined to browse the discussion.

Oh happy day.

Well. Except. My short term memory is pretty rubbish, I think my medium-term (?) memory is worse. Every thread. And I mean every thread has the same structure. I'm talking specifically about the philosophy forum here...

OP: I really wonder about the xxxx of yyyy.
P1: define xxxx
OP: xxxx is obviouslt zzzz, P1 is an idiot.
P2: yeah, but zzzz is aaaaa and your premise is faulty.
OP: ok, so if we accept that xxxx is really aaaaa, I still wonder about it being yyyyy
P3: yyyyy reminds me of this: [image of carrot/map relief/penis shaped like a carrot/map relief/…


Not your usual riding around with no goal session this one :-)

Weekly Weigh-In

Weight: 87.0kg (-1.2kg)
Weekly Distance: 180km (-100km)
FTP: 220w (+5w)
CTL; 59.4 (+3.6)
Highlight of this week: Hard session at Hillingdon
Goal for next week: More handling drills, esp. hard cornering at speed.

All in all, a great week. took a little more rest as I was feeling a little jaded and joined a prime training session at Hillingdon on Thursday. I rode 'out the back' of the medium group so I could keep out of trouble but work hard. I knew I was fresh and wanted to lay down a hard workout. I was totally elated to see my 30 min power was so much higher.

Weekly Weigh-In

Weight: 88.2kg (-0.8kg)
Weekly Distance: 280km (+100km)
FTP: 215w (+5w)
CTL; 54.7 (+12.6)
Highlight of this week: Hillingdon laps, after 2yrs of watching lad *I* rode the circuit
Goal for next week: More of the same, keeping a balance, avoid more illness
Did a session at the Hillingdon Circuit this week, mostly tempo with a bit of threshold in a most unstructured way, but threw in some all-out efforts in (which the circuit is good for). Whilst it was pretty boring going round and round in 1mile laps it is clearly a great place to do 3 minute intervals!