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UPDATE 2: Done and committed to version 3 source. I also cleaned up the look-and-feel, still a way to go but starting to look nice'ish. We will get there... UPDATE: Taking my cue from Microsoft, started making the ride list a little more like the email list in Outlook, or Apple Mail for that matter. Starting to look quite nice, but still a way to go. Outlookesque Ride List from mark liversedge on Vimeo . Got screencasting working on Linux using Kazam. Wicked. Here is a video of v3 on Linux with the Ride List now using a Ride Navigator ... customise the columns, sort, group etc. Kinda cool, but whoa there are a few bugs to fix :) Kazam rocks. Ride Navigator Ride List Demo from mark liversedge on Vimeo .

GUI update

Spent lots of time at Christmas moving to a more configurable UI and after a few bug fixes have now applied it to the core UI of GoldenCheetah. I think it is starting to get there, but there is still a way to go...

Power Dissed

Plot distribution charts (histogram) across a date range is almost the last item on the GC 'wishlist' ... after a few false starts we have got there. Need to work on zoning - want to be able to see contributions broken down when zones change in a period (e.g. plot last 12 months, but your zones changed 3 times during that period). Looking at my recent and historic data tells me I took it soft in 2009 -- not enough high-intensity. Slacker.