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Winter is coming...

So its time to dust down the realtime code and get it ready for the Turbo season. Got some time off work and spending it having fun and the odd bit of coding...

Just starting back on video and want to add better feedback and aesthetics... its all fun.

And now the code is in v3, we have video selection and playback/pause etc alongside a performance plot during the workout. And oh joy, lots of 'video codecs are missing' problems will no doubt arise from our intrepid user community!

I'm gonna have to drop a few bucks on some more Sufferfest videos!

The development builds should be up in the next couple of days, we added nicer controls:

I just got a copy of the Tacx RLV for Milan San Remo. Looking to add support for their file format (.pgmf) so we can ride all the Tacx content.

Tacx themselves have a generic program for riding their RLVs on non-Tacx trainers .. so I'm pretty sure they'll be ok about this :)

For the eagle eyed...

Lots of code

For shits and giggles I thought I'd look at how the code has grown in Golden Cheetah. The chart below plots lines of code by version.

Now, some say v3 is all bloat. Some say otherwise...

More to the point it helps to explain why haven't I ridden my bike seriously in the last 6 months. Code less, ride more.