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13 years!

And my 9 yr old made us this to celebrate. Bless his cotton socks!

GoldenCheetah Version 3.0 is days away ...

UPDATE 11 Jun 2013: After 2 months of release candidates and bug fixing we finally released yesterday! Am gonna take a couple of weeks of from all this and play golf. Its been 3 years almost. I forked my own version of GoldenCheetah and added a crap load of stuff before merging that with the main code on January 2nd 2010. Now here we are in March 2013 and finally, finally we're gonna release it. Just need to get release candidates out and then the mammoth task of creating/updating documentation for the hundreds of new features and fixes. And this is it, running on Linux: And on a Mac: And just for completeness, on Windows (In this case Windows 8) :