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User Configurable Layouts

The Christmas break brings a lot of time, but not to ride since it is so darned cold and icy (of course the turbo is always an option). So instead, I tend to play with GC coding. I've been rummaging around the plumbing of the GC code for a week to prepare for a more configurable view. I've now got to the point where you can drag and drop charts onto a page and configure them. Looks kinda neat. But its pretty static at the moment - once they're there you can't drag and resize them ... but that will come. The hard miles have been done, now its all about putting a layer of glitter on the top. I've also been playing with native Mac widgets to make the Mac version, well, more Mac-like. With a week of coding left, I reckon I can get a v3 framework in place and we can really go to town! And I've been playing with this for a couple of days now and when working with intervals it is SOOOO much nicer to see all the key ride charts at once, this is not just eye-cand

Stacked Histogram

We like all things stacked ;) Stacked histogram support for showing things like time in zone on a PMC is kinda sassy... Pastels are us too... hail Crockett and the Miami Vice crew

Wood for the trees... context is everything

Been working on a treemap.Unlike most of the other charts in GoldenCheetah this one really is coded from the ground up. Will tart it up and make it more interactive and fancy looking. But the hard yards are done, from here its all refinement. On the other hand, its telling me that a lot of my rides aren't as well annotated as I thought, a large proportion of them have 'unknown' or rather (not typed in) workout codes. Later. And looking at stress by year is quite interesting... And what did I typically do for each day? I've been playing with this all morning and some of the analysis is useful, always a good test of a new feature!! And a splash of color...