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Exporting WKO files to CSV

I've spent *far too long* decoding the WKO+ binary file format. I'm still not there yet. But close enough that all my WKO files (wow, I have so many) can be exported to CSV and played with in MS access and MS excel.
It was freakin' difficult.
Put it another way, I had to give up decoding via hexdump and hexcmp tools in the end and wrote a tool of my own to compare and examine in binary (!?). But anyways, now all my data is as free as a bird and I'm already creating lots of pointless analysis to explain why I'm so crap! :-)
If you're at all interested the project is hosted over at sourceforge and you can download the convert, it's source code and a document that describes the WKO binary file format. You will also find an older project of mine that converts binary data files from my beloved HAC4 into Polar harm format too.
I can get back to concentrate on riding my bike now!
Edit: Oh, and today I just had my code to support WKO import into Golden Cheetah com…