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Elite Coaches Interviews

Best Practices in Planning MethodologiesAs part of the planning and design of planning functionality in GoldenCheetah I interviewed a number of elite coaches working with athletes in Olympic and Pro-tour cycling teams.

Whilst there are some differences in the overall philosophy to training, how to manipulate training volume, intensity and density or the relative importance and focus of different types of workout in developing skills or capabilities, there was a lot of similarity in the methods they followed.

I thought it would be valuable to capture some of these themes as they may prove useful to other coaches, if only to validate what they are already doing.

1. Understanding the individualThe age of the athlete and their training history, their type (sprinter, rouleur etc.), their genetic disposition such as work capacity and trainability, their weaknesses and desired changes are all commonly measured and monitored by the elite coach.

Special attention is paid to the timing and demands …


Our lovely family dog has passed. We miss him.

Impossible twice before breakfast

I've been working on a workout editor over the Christmas break. Its not done, but lets you edit ERG files and get the MMP and W'bal plotted as you go.

I've just re-used the sustained interval algorithm to find aerobic efforts that are impossible (at least according to the model anyway). It highlighs sections that are impossible with a red line along the x-axis.

Because it is so fast we can search every time the user drags a point. Really pleased with the results and TBH feels like the best use of the algorithm !