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Atkins and a Power Meter

I am going to spend a month (or perhaps longer, or shorter) on the Atkins diet whilst continuing to ride my bike as an experiment to a) shift some stubborn fat and b) measure the impact of a low carb diet on cycling performance.

I will be keeping a diary here of my diet, exercise, performance and of course, my weight and any thoughts or reflections on the experience.

A few declarations;
- I am not training for anything so my riding is purely for fun, and at an intensity 'I feel like doing'
- I will be doing circuits and weights during this period, I am not doing cycling alone
- My fitness levels are low compared to my best, so I would expect it to improve over time
- I have been getting back into shape for 2 months proper.
- I gave up smoking (this time for the rest of my life) in January, so may see performance increases through better lung health over time

I no longer own a working HR strap, I gave up on HR, grudgingly, last year and have never missed it. You use power to me…