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12 miles, Injury getting better

Ran for 12 miles mostly on the flat, 1:42. Felt fine except for the pain in my foot, which is better but still niggly. Put down a deposit to do Etape next year and probably do Marmotte as well. I'm working on the better half to see if I can slip in Gran Fondo Campagnolo for good measure. I'll definitely be back to te Fred Whitton, which looking back at this year is definitely comparable to Etape. Anyways ... still trudging along.

Still here...

I've been very quiet, apologies. I'm doing the weekly long run and getting other sessions (incuding the turbo and hills) in during the week. I've got to admit that running isn't very interesting! Went for a run, had a tweak in my ankle. Went for a run, felt ok. Went for a run, shins ached etc. etc. it makes for a dull old blog! Its not like there is any interesting gadgetry or training regimes. You just run. I've got a forerunner and a schedule and just keep at it. I'm not made for this kind of training ;-) I'm going to sign up for next year's Etape - if I can't get in to that then either the Marmotte or Campag Gran Fondo will be next on my hit list. I'm missing the bike :-( I'm sure London and NY marathons are going to be an awesome experience but frankly I'd rather be on my bike.