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Dear Diary, What a day its been...

Following up from the post last year where I added webcal support (allowing you to view calendar items from remote calendars (e.g. and Google Calendar). I have now worked on it the other way around -- updating a remote calendar with your local rides. Here is my October calendar from last year, regimented and orderly (very rare indeed), as displayed in GoldenCheetah (from the ride files I uploaded) And here is my google calendar in chrome, after I uploaded October's history into it: So now, I need to add two features; add planned workout in GC and remote calendar sync (it is one-by-one at the moment) and we should get two nifty features; 1. see TSS/IF plan in the metric charts from planned workouts 2. see planned workouts in Google Calendar (and most users connect that to their Android/Blackberry/iPhone). Google support for attachments is a Labs feature at the mo, so might switch to Hotmail, would be nice to upload/download the actual ride files as attachme