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Fundamentals (again)

I am a bit of a robot. I've been running without objectives or any rules and as a result my fitness has been impacted and my weight has crept up. So, to get me back on track ...

Primary objective
Get weight and fitness to level that I can comfortably complete a Tour of the Surrey Hills regardless of timeSecondary objectiveGet back into good habits of eating well, exercising regularly and getting enough sleepRules8 hours sleep - in bed by 10.30 at the latestKeep a food diary, with every item recordedLimit refined sugar and no cakes, biscuits etcEat breakfast, lunch and small dinner (after exercise)Exercise every day with a rest day on fridaysDon't fret about exercise intensity, just get out there and run or cycle at a pace I am happy with. If I am fatigued then take a rest day or just do 15 minutes of something.Started on Sunday and will maintain until primary objective is hit. I'm not even ready to attempt the ToSH (100km and 2,500m climbing) and probably won't be till S…