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Showing posts from September, 2009

Ultremo carnage

Promised to upload some photos of the split and bulging Ultremos. Note these are two separate splits on the same tyre. From normal riding on French roads.
'nuff said, eh?

Computrainer on my Macbook

Its gonna take me a while but I'm onto it. I need to; 1. decode the Computrainer's serial protocol (see image above). 2. Write CompCS for the Mac.
I reckon by 2010 I should have something worth downloading.
UPDATE 8th NOVEMBER. Its done.

3d critical power history prototype

I've been having fun getting back into coding and one of the things I've always wanted is a visualisation of my critical power profile as it changes over time.
The visualisation above is a working prototype and (hopefully) will find its way into the excellent Golden Cheetah software. I've made some small contributions recently and am fizzing with ideas and energy.
No more wishing WKO did certain things ... just write them yourself and hey presto!!
I'll update further but as you can imagine with a bit of sumamrisation (the above is ALL rides) and a few other tricks I have planned it could become a good tool for visualising training and outcome ... more later!
Edit: I've now integrated into my local GoldenCheetah codebase... time to start 'polishing' and making it usable rather than a hacked up prototype!