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Hyper Critical

Worked up Critical Power (mean-max) plots for data other than Power in Golden Cheetah. So, can now plot critical heartrate, speed, torque, cadence for any given time period. Not sure of the utility of it tho ... it has helped me find lots of bad data in my ride files, but beyond that I'm not sure.

Obligatory screen shot.

Virtual Reality Cycling ... with Golden Cheetah and Native ANT+

Ok, so its VERY basic at the moment, but using the excellent Videolan libs and client I can now play video. I've also made the realtime view more configurable, so you can select what dials / instruments you want on screen and move them around and resize them.

The screenshot below is Fightclub from Sufferfest. This makes the training mode useful for those without Computrainers and the excellent Ergvideo stuff.

So, get an ANT+ stick and join in the fun....

And now got it working on Windows too, libvlc is rocking!