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Marmotte Map

Greg Lonnon has added support to Golden Cheetah for overlaying rides on Google Maps. Major Kudos. He's working on using color etc to highlight different metrics over the ride. The above is my feeble power output color coded. Fortunately there is no legend yet so you can't see how pathetic I was :-)


Funny how this video makes me both pine to get back into form but also makes me baulk at the sheer pain... Nice video tho.


I rock! :-)


Update : A Windows installer for Golden Cheetah with Long term metrics support compiled in is available here. Well. Last year's Marmotte was a total disaster. 9 months later I'm beginning to accept that it was a result of a number of things. 1. My training dipped dramatically through June due to work pressures 2. I just didn't do enough (read any) L4 work 3. I'm not actually that great a cyclist The chart above is from some development I've been doing on plotting performance over time for Golden Cheetah. Kind of a back burner activity when I get some spare time. In it, you will see, that over all my training I spent almost no sustained efforts in L4 and camped at the top end of L3 for most of the time. You will also see that my performance plateaued from Feb onwards. So, more intensity required. Update : Here is my peak powers overlaid with time in zone for L3 and L4, you will also see the zones change as my FTP improves. Its kind of a pretty chart but the m