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PMC for December

Man the flu knocked me out for two weeks and I'm only just getting back to the form I had - thats cost me an entire month of training. My CTL is almost 80 and I'm looking to maintain 80-90 through to the start of February when build starts.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas one and all.  Its absolutely gorgeous here today and with the offspring mucking about with xboxes and playmobil I'm gonna sneak in 1 or 2 hours of active recovery in the wintry sunshine (After commuting in and back yesterday I'm pretty whacked, 2x2h sweet spot sessions!). And I'm only riding to justify the second helping of pudding I'll be consuming today. I'm cycling down to the In-Laws on the south coast tomorrow too which should make for a nice hilly 30 miler over the south downs. Gotta keep rolling ... only 174 training days till La Marmotte !

SRM vs Computrainer

Not a hugely scientific test, I rode an hour tempo with a bit of monkeying around with cadence and resistance in erg mode. Calibrated CT and SRM after 20 minutes warm up at 150-170w. Outcome? The SRM was consistently less than the Computrainer, but only by about 3%. Average watts for the workout from CT was 206 vs 200 from SRM.  The complete dataset is available here (edge 705 download into wko vs CT CDF import into wko then both exported as PT CSV and spliced together using the zero watt markers I placed in the workout when stretching etc). And here is a chart.... ( hi resolution version here ) I'm planning on a more scientific comparison tomorrow since the forecast is for rain and I may end up indoors :-( The geek in me wants to look at the peak power and high/low cadence variances ...

Christmas came early at home

810g compared to 768g for the R700s (yes I did weight them without pedals to check, sad I know). But do they look cool or what?

Man Flu

Been hit over the head by something evil. Elevated RHR of almost 90 (!) chesty cough, blocked nose, high temperature, the shivers followed by chucking out more BTUs than a 3kw electric fire. Needless to say riding hasn't been happening, watching my CTL plummet is as demoralising  as it is motivational when watching it rise. But I got a message from Bob - my SRM cranks turn up on Monday woohoo!!!

Another Milestone

Admittedly its kinda false since I haven't explicitly tested my FTP with an hour test, but its always nice to not be classified as untrained. As it happens my FTP is around 260 now, must do a test soon, but the NP from recent hard SST rides and hilly tempo sessions suggest 260. Anyways, celebrate a little milestone hit today... w/kg for FT is no longer untrained! yay!