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Analysis Paralysis

More Graphing stuff, this time a user-definable 2d scatter plot. Above you will see the average effective pedal force vs Power. Col du Glandon at Marmotte is in blue and Alpe d'Huez is in red.
What I'm slightly surprised to find is that the amount of force applied to the pedals is roughly the same when totally knackered (AdH) versus when I was still fresh (Glandon) ... albeit I was suffering from the off.
Anyhoo, I'm working on a replay button (the time slider at the bottom) so you can watch how these things change over the course of the ride. This seems particularly interesting when looking at power/heartrate over a long ride (long enough for the 'lag' between CV response and effort to be nullified).
Hey ho.

Soapy goodness...

Web-services are us at Liversedge mansions, see attached screenshot. In my day job I spend lots of time bigging-up SOA and web-services. Its a bit of a let-down to realise they're just http posts with a bit of XML :-)
I'm talking with the guys over at TrainingPeaks about pushing this into Golden Cheetah. Kinda cool, since I have all my old ride data there and would like to keep using their service...