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My critical power numbers are getting better all the time, the chart below shows my mean maximal curve for now versus all time. The dotted line is now.

I went out for a jaunt with my wife on Sunday morning and managed to put the hurt on her for a change and felt good too. I feel like I'm coming out of a cloud of unfitness and emerging stronger and stronger.

Having lots of historical data has really helped to put this into context. I know there is a way to go (especially my 60 min watts per kilogram!!) but at least I have realistic targets - these are real numbers since they are what I was capable of only a year ago.


Dehydrated so a little flattering. Probably more like 89kg. Looking healthier and chubby cheeks are subsiding rapidly. Still lost over a kilo in a week, I'll be delighted to keep that going for a while.

51.5% body water (!!). 23.4% body fat.

Happy with good progress and feeling good about myself. Of course, it also helps that the sun is shining and bike riding is fun again!!

Critical Power

So, out for a "tempo-ish" kinda ride today. Working from home and could spare an hour or so as a break from Microsoft Office. I went for a ride in the hills with Samantha and watched her disappear over the hills.

It was quite an eye-opener in many ways. My power output wasn't that horrible and CV system is starting to kick into life. I use cyclingpeaks and so I am able to compare my critical power numbers against all time (well all time that is recorded in cycling peaks and training peaks anyway).

So, my very best Critical Power numbers on file were captured on the 10th June last year on a fantastic ride between Alnwick and Jedborough and back. When compared with today's little jaunt things don't look quite so bleak. I just need to lose the 20kg strapped to my stomach!! (and work on endurance, obviously).
CP.2 575 vs 502CP1 388 vs 349CP6 285 vs 272CP12 255 vs 244CP30 211 vs 207CP60 203 vs 197CP90 200 vs 183CP180 185 vs 143Now obviously one was an e…

Recovery Time

Don't ask. I'm in pre-prep-base training phase with Build phase peaking sometime around April 2009. I cannot believe how quickly you can lose fitness. But, with spring here and a fresh new leaf I'm on it. Just need to form two habits, namely;
Exercise every dayEat less every daySimple.The everday exercise is running since it is so time efficient when you're not fit. I'll mix in cycling when I get a bit fitter and at the weekends when it's not raining. The Computrainer gets a recovery ride in the evenings but thats mostly to stop me drinking or eating!!I have thrown in turbo sessions in the morning but they are NO FUN when you're rubbish.