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Showing posts from March, 2010

How to lose weight...

Now I can mix metrics and my own metadata on the charts I can see that my weightloss last season tracked training intensity pretty closely, and that total work doesn't correlate at all.
Of course, there are lots of other factors at play, but it makes for an interesting chart, and that's all that matters, eh? ;-)

Metadata Schmetadata...

I've been working on configurable data entry for recording additional information about my rides within Golden Cheetah.
The screenshots above show the data entry on the main window followed by the configuration screen.
It seems absurd to have a forms designed built into a cycling app, what next? an email editor? But, in reality, the basic config will be used by most users and then the geeks amongst us can start recording anything and everything we like.
And hey, I spent 6 months cleaning up my MP3 tags to include composer, artist, sleeve notes, images etc. I can now do the same to my ride files. Yay!
And yes, I am slightly OCD about this stuff ;-)

Golden Cheetah is stacked!

Damien Grauser, one of the developers on the Golden Cheetah project who brought us the superb intervals code has done it again. This time, he has delivered a feature that I *really* miss from WKO+.
Stacked graphs allow you to examine really long rides in segments and makes the 'stochastic' view of power data much, much easier to review and examine. I kneel down in awe at Damien's super slick take on this. Wow.
Non WKO-neophytes might not be too bothered, but for me, this is an absolute killer feature and I cannot wait for v1.4 of GC to get released with this in it.