Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Neo Geo

Google Earth 5.2 has introduced some really cool features for cyclists. I've added an export to Google Earth option for Golden Cheetah and the really, really cool thing here, is you can mix power, cadence and heartrate data with the geo data when exporting.

The libraries related to this are in the process of being updated by the Google developers, as soon as they're ready I'll be adding the option to export power, cadence et al.

Over on the Google Lat Lon Blog they have published an interesting fly-over (which uses the new Tracks feature) - check back later for updates on getting this working with your data from GC !! I'm quite excited about this :-)

And here is a portion of the London to Paris ride from last September with all my ride data available in Google Earth - funnily I can even remember that part of the ride, I was on the front pushing and Andrew was, um, coasting :-) We stopped for a pee just round the corner too...
And of course, I can't leave this alone without the obligatory Marmotte map... Galibier looks even more fearsome now!


Mike R. said...


we will be in Alpe D'Huez in a few weeks, and in obsessively reasearchng my chances at breaking the hour (sound familiar), I stumbled upon your blog. Great reading and lots of data to think about...Thanks.

Mark Liversedge said...

Good luck with it!

I dropped it a notch at switchback 7 at Huez and looking at my data lost a minute in pace over the next 2 kilometers.

My tip, push on all the way, and especially when it feels easier!!!


Justin said...

Awesome ! Now I will have to finish Golden Embed GPS.