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Lent Food Diary

Not religious, except about weight loss. So I'm giving up Chocolate, Sweets, Biscuits and Cake for Lent, which runs from today 'Ash Wednesday' through to Good Friday. That's 40 days and 40 nights of hell!

So to keep a tab on it all I'm keeping a food diary right here on this blog entry. Should make for a scintilating read (not!). No comments on how crap my diet is. I know I should eat more fruit and veg. I know caffeine is bad for me. I know that I should vary my diet more.


Ash Wednesday 25th February
8am Cup of Filter Coffee, 1 sugar
8am Round of Toast and Butter
8am Bran Flakes, Natural yoghurt, berry compote, skimmed milk
9am Tea, 2 sugars
10am Starbucks Coffee, 2 sweeteners
1pm Sandwich: Bacon, Avacodo and Chicken on Farmhouse Granary
1pm Can of San Pellegrino Fizzy Orange
3pm Cup of tea, 2 sugars
4pm cup of tea, 2 sugars
8pm DISASTER! dropped pesto and pasta on floor - v. small portion consumed
8pm couple of jacob's crackers with a bit of cheese
9pm Wild Berry Fruesli bar

Thursday 26th February
8am Coffee, 2 sweeteners
8am 2 slices of wholemeal toast with flora and 2 scrambled eggs
11am Wild Berry Fruesli Bar
2pm Cheese, Ham & Mustard toastie, Salad.
2pm Lime cordial & soda water
4pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
6pm Pint blackcurrant hi-juice and still water
6.30pm 2 beef sausages, new potatoes, sprouting purple broccoli and gravy

Friday 27th February
7-9am No breakfast - tut-tut (Early commute deliberately on an empty stomach)
10.30am Coffee Latte, 2 sweeteners
11.00am 2 Glasses of water
12pm Baked potato with beans and chicken (clean)
12pm Diet coke "citrus zest"
12pm Small Coppice Pear
3pm Coffee Latte, 2 sweeteners
3pm 2 Glasses water
5.30pm Pint of blackcurrant hi-juice and water
5.30pm 100g SIS Rego
5.30pm Wild berry fruesli bar
6pm Chicken breast with verde pesto pasta
7.15pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners

Saturday 28th February
9am Round of wholemeal toast with lemon Curd
9am Coffee, 2 sweeteners
11am Large Coppice Pear
1.30pm Post-ride Fruesli Bar
1.30pm 2 cumpets with dairylea
1.30pm Can of Pepsi Max
1.30pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
1.45pm Ham Sandwich
3pm Small bottle of fizzy cranberry and raspberry flavoured water
4.45pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
4.45pm Another Fruesli Bar
6pm Jacket, Apple & Beef Burger with baked beans
6pm Raspberry yoghurt
7pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners

Sunday 1st March
10am Porridge with Honey
10am Coffee, 2 sweeteners
11am-2pm 100g PSP22, 1 Fruesli Bar
3pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
3pm Ham and Cheese on Wholemeal Sandwich
4pm Can Pepsi Max
5pm Pint Blackcurrant hi-juice and water
6pm Roast Chicken, Pots, Runner Beans and Cauliflower with Gravy
6pm Raspberry Yoghurt
6pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
8pm Raspberry and Echinacea Tea
8pm 3 jacobs crackers with mature cheddar
9pm Can Pepsi Max

Monday 2nd March
8am Coffee, 2 sweeteners
8am 2 Rounds wholemeal toast and lemon curd
11am Echinacea and Raspberry Tea
11am 2 crumpets with dairylea
Midday Pre-ride Steak and Chips! (yum yum)
Midday Lime cordial and Soda
4pm Can Pepsi Max
6pm Pint blackcurrant hi-juice and water
6pm Another Can of Pepsi Max
6pm Home-made Macaroni Cheese
6pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
6pm Fruesli Bar
6pm Phew!

Tuesday 3rd March
7.15am Porridge with Honey
7.15am Coffee, 2 sweeteners
7.15am Pint of Water
11am Large Gala Apple
11am Can of San Pellegrino Sparkling Orange
11am V. V. V. Hungry but waiting for lunch!!
11:50 Chicken Bacon and Sweetcorn Salad on Farmhouse White
12:00 Blackcurranty-Apply Yoghurty Cheesecakey thing
3pm Raspberry, Ginseng and Vanilla Tea
4pm Raspberry, Ginseng and Vanilla Tea
6pm Small bag salted peanuts ... I know, I know
7pm Steak and Chips
7pm Lime Cordial and Soda
Wednesday 4th March
8am Bran Flakes, Berry Compote, Natural Yoghurt and Skimmed Milk
8am Round of Brown Toast with butter
8am 2 small cups of filter coffee, 3 sugars
9.30am Cup of tea, UHT milk (blech) and 1 sugar
9.30am Cup of tea, UHT milk (blech) and 1 sugar
Midday Bacon, Avacado and Chicken on Farmhouse White
Midday Can Fizzy orange
Midday Large Braeburn Apple
4pm Cup of tea, UHT milk (blech) and 1 sugar
11pm Post workout "meal" long story, late workout (7-9pm) and got back late
11pm Tesco Scottish Raspberry Yoghurt
11pm Fruesli Bar
11pm Pepsi Max Bottle
Thursday 5th March
8am Bran Flakes, Natural Yoghurt, Berry Compote, Skimmed Milk
8am Round of Brown Toast, Butter
8am 2 Small cups filter coffee, 3 sugars
8am Bacon and Scrambled Eggs
9am Raspberry, Ginseng and Vanilla Tea
10.30am Breakfast Tea, UHT Milk, 1 sugar
1pm "Sausage" hotpot soup (vegetable soup in reality)
1pm Buttered roll
1pm Can of San Pellegrino Sparkling Orange
1pm Large Braeburn Apple
4pm Wild Berry Fruesli Bar
7.30pm Sausages, Mash, Cauliflower Cheese and Brocolli (yum yum)
7.30pm Blackcurrant cheesecake (yeah I know the base is biscuit)
7.30pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
Friday 6th March
8am Toast Lemon Curd
8am Coffee, 2 sweeteners
10am 2 crumpets, dairylea
10am Coffee, 2 sweeteners
Midday Gammon, Eggs and Chips
Midday 2 pints Lime cordial and soda
3pm Fruesli Bar
5.30pm Spaghetti Bolognese
5.30pm Raspberry Yoghurt
5.30pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
Saturday 7th March
9am Tentative 40k ride - calf ok! yay!
1pm St James Royal Champagne Cocktail
2pm Quaglino's ... nice!
2pm Fois Gras, Figs, Campagne toast
2pm Seared Bream fillet, chirozo, coco beans, carrots and green beans
2pm Sticky toffee pudding and vanilla ice cream
2pm Glass red wine
5pm Kir royal
9pm Popcorn, Ice Cream and Watchmen (rubbish btw)
12pm Baileys with crushed ice
Sunday 8th March
7.30am Coffee, 2 sweeteners
7.30am 2 rashers Bacon, Scrambled eggs, 2 Hash browns,  Beans, Pork Sausage
11.30 Cafe Nero Coffee
Midday Haagen Das Ice cream sundae
3pm Fruesli Bar
3pm Cheese and Biscuits
5pm Baked spud, cheeseburger and beans
5pm Coffee, 2 sweeteners
Got bored updating this entry, sorry. Started eating shiv again anyway! :-)

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