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1 week no sugar, no flour

OK so this week I'm trying an experiment with my diet. In an attempt to sort out my blood sugar fluctuations with associated cravings and binging I'm cutting out all sugar and all flour based products from my diet. The only exception is natural sugar found in fruit whilst sweeteners can be used in a hot drink once a day. Wholegrain products are allowed very sparingly but no noodles, bread or crackers etc. Mostly I'm looking at pulses, rice, fruit and veg, meat and dairy.

Should be a snap.

Here's my food & exercise diary in all gory detail - you can only criticise me if you share your diary too ;-)

05:45 Wake up - oh god is it Monday already.
06:00 Baseline Weight Measurment - no change from yesterday - 77.9kg.
07:30 2 x Water, Glass OJ. Sliced Apple. Blackberry yoghurt. (on 06:51 train to Birmingham, managed to resist the bacon panini ...)
10:00 Small Starbucks Americano with hot milk and a sweetener.
12:45 Philpotts Tomato & Parmesan soup. Braeburn Apple. Pear. Can Diet coke. Cup of Water.
15:30 Small Starbucks Americano. 2 glasses of water.
18:30 Gym bike Zone 3-5-4 25 mins each. 1:20 35km. ~900 cals. 1.5l water.
20:00 Entrecote Medium Rare. Rocket Salad. Fruit Salad. Pint Diet Coke.
22:00 Bed

06:15 Wake up
06:30 Gym bike Zone 3/4 1 hour. 0.5 litres water
08:00 White Coffee and sweetener. Pro-biotic raspberry yoghurt. OJ. Water. Big bowl bran flakes and semi-milk.
11:00 Starbucks Americano with hot milk and a sweetener.
13:00 Philpotts Chicken Broth Soup. Braeburn apple.
15:00 Tea no sugar! Glass of water.
16:30 Tea no sugar!
18:30 1hr Gym Bike. 5x1min MAX/recover + 10min Zone 4, 10xZone 6 Force saddle/out
20:00 Gruyere Omelette. Rocket Salad. Diet Coke.
22:00 Bed

06:00 Wake up
06:30 Gym Bike Zone 3/2 1 hour. 3 glasses water.
08:15 White Coffee with sweetener. Pro-biotic yoghurt. Water. Big bowl bran flakes with milk. Apple. Pear.
11:00 White Coffee no sugar. Pear.
12:45 Baked potato with cheese and beans. Carbo loading for tonight's 2x20.
15:00 Tea no sugar. 2 glasses of Water. Feeling hungry.
18:30 Gym Bike 2x20. Ouch. 4 glasses of water.
20:30 'Lean' Lamb in Gravy, Carrot 'puree' and Cauliflower gratin. Pint of diet Coke.
22:30 Bed

06:00 Wake Up - groundhog day moment.
06:30 Gym Bike Zone 3 1 hour. 145bpm (Top of Zone 3) just for WellWisher :-)
08:15 OJ. White Coffee with sweetener. Small bowl bran flakes. Pro-biotic yoghurt. Pear.
11:00 Cup of tea with sweetener.
12:00 Chicken and Lentil Soup. Pear. Apple. Diet Coke.
15:20 Water.
17:00 Tea. Water. Apple. (on train home)
19:00 Pear. Water.
19:30 Bolognaise Rice. Natural Raspberry Yoghurt.
22:00 Bed

06:45 Wake Up. No breakfast.
07:00 50km commute over Horseblock/Newlands Corner. 1hr 45 27.7km/h HR:146/171. V. Windy. Half bottle PSP22.
09:30 Coffee. Water.
11:44 Coffee. Water.
13:30 Brown bread sandwich ham and sliced egg. Apple. Can Coke Zero. (they ran out of spuds and the only option available to me. really cheesed off, but not the end of the world)
14:00 50km commute home. In the rain :-(. And wind. 1hr 54. 26.8km/h HR:140/162. Stopped 2.5mins at level crossing.
16:00 Apple. Pear. Coffee.
16:30 Small bowl muesli.
21:00 Chicken and green pepper in black bean and rice. Raspberry yoghurt.
22:30 Bed

Saturday - Wedding Anniversary in London
07:45 Wake Up. A lie blessed lie-in and rest day.
08:00 Muesli. White Coffee no sugar.
10:30 Apple.
12:15 Diet Coke x 2. Chicken fillet and caesar salad.
13:00 Pear. Water.
15:10 Coke Zero
16:00 Champagne cocktail. Diet Coke. Green Olives.
17:00 40 minute tempo run around Westminster etc. Fantastic. Bottle Water.
19:00 Mocktail Apple and Ginger Ale.
19:30 Patara, Maddox St. 2 Bottles Water. Thai Dumplings. Chicken and snap peas. Crepe and fruit. Coffee no sugar. Chocolate mint.
21:30 Coffee no sugar.
22:30 Bed

07:15 Wake Up.
07:30 30min run around Westminster incl. The Mall. Superb. Water.
08:15 Bacon (no rind) and scrambled eggs with mushrooms. Coffee no sugar. OJ. Water. Fruit Salad. Pear.
09:15 45 minute stroll in morning sunishine with Samantha. Life is good.
12:00 Pear.
12:30 Fruesli Bar. Couple of small slices of Chicken breast. V. Hungry.
14:15 Spud with beans and cheese.

Will keep updates coming until the official Weigh-In on Sunday (from the Ritz London!)

Here are my zones...

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